Although Pandora may be the most popular and recognized, Trollbeads are the original beaded charm bracelet. Started by Søren Sølvsmed in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1976, it's easy to see why Trollbeads are so popular. Quality materials like 18 karat gold, fine gemstones, silver, and Murano artisan glass beads are used in their beads which are produced all over the world by skilled craftsmen.

In 1976 the first Trollbeads were created when it was trendy to wear a silver ball around your neck on a leather strap.

Trollbeads didn't really take off until 1981, when Lisa Aagaard opened her store and introduced her clients to Trollbeads. With their beautiful glass beads and silver beads with a unique and playful European design and flair, the buzz about these fun and fashionable beads has spread like wildfire.

Best of all the unique design of the Trollbeads bracelet allows beads from other manufacturers to easily fit.

Every bead has a story - tell yours with Trollbeads!