Proposal Ideas

One of the biggest moments in a person's life is when they get engaged. There are many lists of ideas available on the Internet and other places but here are a few that we like.

- Dropping the ring in a glass of Champagne is simple, elegant and effective. Just don't drink the ring!

- Go on a Hot Air Balloon ride and pop the question during the flight. Just make sure the ring doesn't go flying overboard. A helicopter ride will work too.

- Place an ad in a favorite magazine or newspaper with your photos next to it. Or circle the ad and fold the page.

- Have a billboard ad on the highway. This is costly, but WOW what a surprise, which will be seen by a lot of people!

- Call your favorite radio station and ask on the air.

- Go to a sporting event and see if you can have the question placed on the screen.

- Go to a play and then on a horse and buggy ride if possible where you'll ask the question. Don't forget the champagne to celebrate!

- Go to dinner at your favorite restaurant. Prearrange to have the waiter bring a single red rose to the table with the ring attached to the rose.

- Go on a picnic with all the trimmings, leave the ring in the basket and then ask for something out of the basket. The ring waiting in the basket surely will be a surprise.

- Bake a birthday cake and use the ring as a topping.

- Take a walk on the beach and write "Will you marry me" in the sand.

- Build a web page with photos of the two of you and propose on the site.

- Hire a skywriter to write, "Will you Marry Me" or, rent one of those planes that carries a banner behind it.

- Buy a book, cut out a hole the same size of the ring in the pages. Place the ring in the book and present it.

- How about giving a BIG present and have a smaller wrapped box inside, then a smaller one, and a smaller one, you get the picture… until finally, the ring box.

- Pet lover? How about getting a puppy or kitten and tie the ring around the new animal's neck as a collar. Just make sure the four-legged friend doesn't bite the ring off and swallow it!

- Business traveler? Pick up at the airport with a sign that says, "Will you marry me" then get down on one knee right in the baggage claim.

- Build a snowman together, and then secretly put the ring box in the snowman's hand.

- Singing telegram.

- Fill the car with Balloons and a sign that says, "Will you Marry Me."

- Taking a vacation soon? Plan on asking while you are on vacation. 

- Have your marriage proposal placed on a slide before a movie.

- Lastly, sometimes it's not how you do it but where. Go to your favorite spot, whether it's a park, the beach or favorite restaurant. Then just get down on one knee and ask.