All in-stock Kameleon jewelry and JewelPops now 70% off!
Kameleon interchangeable jewelry is based on the idea that Change is Natural and jewelry doesn't have to remain the same anymore. It's a fluid part of your wardrobe that can and should be continually customized to make an infinite number of combinations. Kameleon captured this spirit with their line of interchangeable sterling silver jewelry and accessories.

JewelPops, which come in six price categories, are made in a universal size so that they're interchangeable with every Kameleon product. Pop a JewelPop into your pendant today, your ring tomorrow, a matching pair of pops into your earrings day after that … the possibilities are unlimited!

The JewelPop system is incredibly easy to use while remaining very secure. Just push the pop down with your finger until you hear the click or pop to insert a JewelPop and gently push out from the back to remove it! To make it even easier to remove the pops we include a JewelCap with all of the jewelry pieces we sell. These specially designed plastic pushers makes popping out your JewelPops so easy that you can switch them out whenever you want to!