Custom Designs

Nancy working with customer on Custom Design, Gemstone Creations
Gemstone Creations has always been about custom designs. One of the things that Nancy has always enjoyed about the jewelry business is working with customers to create something new and different from their existing jewelry, gemstones and diamonds.

Whether it's an engagement ring or something totally new or remaking existing jewelry into something new and unique, with her more than 30 years of experience Nancy has always been able to quickly determine the look of the jewelry and the type of gemstones that a customer desires and bring it to life before their eyes with colored markers and doodles.

Countersketch home screen, Gemstone Creations.
Now we have the ability to do that in real time through the use of Countersketch, a computer aided design program. After selecting one of more than 2000 ring styles we will sit with you and can modify almost any part of the ring, making the center stone larger or smaller, or even changing it to a different gemstone. We can add or remove stones from the design, remodel the ring shank and more – all in real time while you watch.

The excitement builds as you watch the design take shape. When we get it just the way you want we can show you what it will look like on your hand on the finger where you plan to wear it. We can even do a photo realistic rendering of the ring that we can email to you so that you can share it with your friends. Of course a quick estimate of the price of the ring is also provided and a final cost estimate is available in a couple days.

If everything is approved your custom designed one-of-a-kind ring can be in your hand, and on your finger, in two weeks or less from the time you first sit down. Amazing!

Or if you are more of a person who likes to play around with designs on your own and change the size or type of stone, the color of the metal, create mother's rings and signet rings or look for gifts, you can click or touch here to be taken to our showcase. 

Make sure that you see our unique Pebbles by Gemstone Creations line. These exclusive ring and necklace designs feature natural rough diamonds in different colors. Also, ask about the designs created by our bench jeweler like converting an old class ring into a lovely bangle bracelet or name necklaces. A full portfolio of our designs is available in the store and we are happy at any time to sit down with you and create. After all, our name is Gemstone Creations.