Camelot Bridal

Camelot Bridal is a family owned company specializing in wedding and engagement rings since 1936. They are proud that there are generations of employees working in their factory and office as a part of the Camelot family.

By making everything themselves under one roof they can easily state that their products are made in the USA. Many other companies either outsource part of their manufacturing or have moved their manufacturing facilities overseas completely.

This allows Camelot to guarantee the ring completely, not having to vouch for other companies' work. It also gives them the opportunity to hone their manufacturing techniques over generations with the goal of producing the best results.

Camelot makes their rings by using Die Striking instead of the Casting method that many other companies use. Die-struck rings are free from porosity and are more durable than cast rings. 

Camelot rings have a lifetime warranty against defects in manufacturing or design.