Antwerp Diamonds

Nancy at Antwerp Central Station, Gemstone Creations
Nancy grading diamonds in Antwerp, Gemstone Creations
As members of trade organizations including the Independent Jewelers Organization and the Retail Jewelers Organization we have the opportunity to travel to Antwerp, Belgium, the Diamond Capital of the World to buy diamonds directly from the De Beers sight-holders.

In addition to purchasing diamonds for our store, we also serve as a diamond broker for some of our customers, finding a diamond for them in Antwerp. We always enjoy finding a special diamond for someone and then delivering it personally along with a box of Belgian chocolates that we have hand carried across the Atlantic from Europe.

Because we deal directly with the diamond cutters and De Beers sight-holders in Antwerp, we avoid paying a mark-up to the U.S. importer and distributor. Therefore, we can offer you the diamond of a lifetime at substantial savings over regular retail prices.

It's not only the savings that make this a unique diamond buying experience. It's the fact that your personal jeweler is traveling more than 8,000 miles to hand-select this specific diamond for you from among the largest selection of diamonds ever gathered in any one place.

It's your decision to choose a certain size, shape, color and clarity of diamond--not just accept what is available on the local market. It's the journey of your special diamond--from the earth, to the cutter, to you--no previous owner, no stops along the way.

There is nothing quite like owning (or giving) a beautiful, quality diamond-a one-of-a-kind masterpiece of nature, perfected by the skilled hands of the expert diamond cutters in the world's diamond center--which was hand selected for you by your personal diamond broker in Antwerp, Belgium. A gift that will last a lifetime--or twenty lifetimes. We love going to Antwerp with our customer's wish list. It's so romantic knowing that the stone we are selecting will create a magical moment for someone, a story they will tell over and over for a lifetime.

Visit us when you are ready for the diamond of your lifetime. We would love to help make your diamond dreams come true.