Anniversary Guide

There are many different places that you can find guides for anniversary gift ideas or suggestions. Here's a gemstone list to help you get started.

 1st    Gold Jewelry
 2nd   Garnet
 3rd    Pearls
 4th    Blue Topaz
 5th    Sapphire
 6th    Amethyst
 7th    Onyx
 8th    Tourmaline
 9th    Lapis
10th   Diamonds
11th   Turquoise
12th   Jade
13th   Citrine
14th   Opal
15th   Ruby
20th   Peridot
25th   Silver Jubilee
30th   Pearl Jubilee
35th   Emerald
40th   Ruby
45th   Sapphire
50th   Golden Jubilee
55th   Alexandrite
60th   Diamond Jubilee