About Us

Nancy Yun-Sheldon, Owner Operator Gemstone Creations
Craig Sheldon, Owner Operator Gemstone Creations
Nancy Yun-Sheldon opened Gemstone Creations on September 1, 1992. She has been in the jewelry business for more than 30 years and worked in and managed chain jewelry stores in the Fredericksburg area and Northern Virginia before opening Gemstone Creations. Nancy is a GIA Diamonds Graduate (Gemological Institute of America) and has completed several other GIA courses.
Craig Sheldon came to Gemstone Creations by marrying Nancy in 1999. He is the designer of our exclusive line of Fredericksburg charms and has earned GIA’s Accredited Jewelry Professional title. Craig manages this website, does our social media, manages the inventory, does the books, works on all of our advertising and when Nancy gets desperate, works on the sales floor.
Linda, Store Manager, Gemstone Creations
Usman, our bench jeweler.
Vivian, Sales Associate, Gemstone Creations
Linda, our store manager, is also an Accredited Jewelry Professional through GIA, holds everything together, keeps track of what needs to get done and remembers our customer’s names!
Usman makes all the magic happen in the shop. He has several years of experience as a bench jeweler and does all the repairs and engraving and even finds time to complete some custom designs!
Vivian is the person to ask about Kameleon, Endless and so much more. She makes sure our door wreaths and case displays have our own unique flair and if that isn't enough she also makes sure that everything shines.