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Our store an historic 1851 row house, Gemstone Creations

Gemstone Creations has been satisfying the Fredericksburg, Virginia area’s fine jewelry needs since 1992.

We’re “Where Fredericksburg Gets Engaged”, and engagement rings are just where we begin. We are a full service jewelry store and can provide all your jewelry needs.

We're not the biggest jewelry store in Fredericksburg or the oldest, but we try our hardest to be the most friendly, welcoming and accommodating - and the most fun!

Featured Jewelry of the Week
Amber is often yellow and bright, just like sunlight! We have a large selection of Amber jewelry, set in sterling silver, in many designs and styles. Our Amber is from the Baltic and we get most of it from our supplier from Poland. Amber is sometimes called nature's time capsule as this fossilized tree resin can contain pollen, insects and remnants from life on earth long ago. 

Custom Designs
Know what kind of ring you want but can’t find it anywhere, even online? We love to take your existing jewelry and gemstones and turn them into something new and exciting or help you design the piece of jewelry you’ve always been looking for. Click or touch the image to find out more.
Engagement Rings
"Where Fredericksburg Gets Engaged" is our tagline but finding the right engagement ring can be hard. Should it be a diamond? How about colored gemstones? Diamond alternatives? Plain metal? How do I choose? Click or touch the image to find out more.

Repairs and Engraving
Our repair shop includes a state-of-the-art laser welder and a computerized engraving machine. With this equipment we can fix, repair or engrave almost anything, including some things that others say they can’t. Click or touch the image to find out more.
Our Showcase
Do you like to play around with rings and other jewelry, adding different stones or changing the size and shape? In our showcase you can do all of that, create mother's or signet rings and even find gift ideas. Click or touch the image to find out more.

Ask us about our in-house financing options.